here’s to the elders
who maybe in their younger days
had glimpsed the caravan of sorrows
echoing down their family line
and rippling through their veins

“enough is enough” they said
no more burdening the next generation
with the work to be done
no more demanding the right
to be on the receiving end of who should have been there
for you

but wasn’t.

here’s to the elders
who gathered in their lost inner child
and gently put them to sleep
“your time is done now” they said
and kissed them quietly on the cheek

there is work to be done

and the road is lonely
if your olders demand to stay on the riverbank
building a tower to keep out unwelcome things
failing to realize the water is rising
and grief will not stay obediently
outside the castle gate

here’s to the elders
“enough is enough,” they said
“we must become the people we never had”
not knowing how
not knowing if
but no longer willing
to let the work
trickle through their

condemning those to come next
with what should have been

– IM