where did you go, love
when I told you I was ready
when I cast my doubt aside
when I forged my commitment
in a ring.

seed planted
hopeful heart
even though, you knew I knew
it wasn’t meant to pass.

upon purple dawn
the temple whispered

where did you go, love
when I beckoned the rest of me
to the table
when I promised these aching scavengers
no need to feed on shadows
any longer.

ten years
and then, the death of us
the birth of a child anew.

the knife, the heart
the dusty road
the song like grief’s sinew.

where did you go, love
when you called from across the desert
a siren from the great grey inbetween

what right do you have
to accept my heartbreak
and the words
that stitch the wound

perhaps no one will follow
bearing these seastorm eyes,
left instead to echo
like memories
like starlight
and perhaps that is enough.

thirty four years, today
and the body trembles

the long departure begun

that is why i’ve found you, love
amidst the aching possibility
that you are, have always been
my sweetest adversary.

time, collapsed
’round the ancient spiral
fingers entwined, footsteps lingering
every inch a long exhale
on the long walk home.

– IM