Directed, shot and edited by Ian MacKenzie
Produced for Sustainable Human

Note: This short film is originally titled “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible” based on Charles’ book of the same name. Though upon reflection after the fact, I realize the true title is The Space Between Stories – capturing the uncertainty of our times and the courage to traverse it.


“There is a vast territory between what we’re trying to leave behind, and where we want to go – and we don’t have any maps for that territory.” – Charles Eisenstein

Filmed in the fading light on the shores of Northern Scotland, this short film captures Charles Eisenstein in a moment of grief and reflection. The familiar story of the past is crumbling, while the new story has yet to arrive. In a time of social and ecological crisis, what can we as individuals do in this space between?

An African proverb states “sometimes you must get lost in order to find your way.” Eisenstein invites us to embrace a radically different understanding of cause and effect, sounding a clarion call to surrender our old worldview of separation, so that we can finally create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.