The Enemy Within

Last week, I shot the Cancun Climate Summit (COP16) for the upcoming documentary Evolve Love. I produced this short clip of one of the climate actions put on by, to urge negotiators to hurry up (some countries are literally drowning)

It was a fascinating experience to be among world leaders and activists from all over the world, deciding on the future of the planet (or at least humanity’s role).

Just a few months earlier I was in an elementary school in the suburbs of Vancouver, shooting a friend’s “Zero Heroes” theatre show encouraging kids to be green.

I realize there is a war going on… and it’s fought on multiple fronts.

Now more than ever, we need to realize the true enemy isn’t evil corporations, fundamental terrorists, shady governments, or apathetic populations… these are merely symptoms of the greater issue. We need to shift the paradigm of who we are and why we’re here… and drop the delusion:

We are not separate from the greater whole, and we never were.

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