Imagine you are a passenger on a vast ship.

It contains many decks with varying degrees of classes and comfort depending on where you are situated. There are a privileged few who are above deck, enjoying a degree of wealth and opulence unreachable by the rows below. More people are somewhere in the middle though most are clustered throughout the bottom decks, fending for with what little they have to survive.

This ship is barrelling through the ocean, consuming a myriad of sea life and coral and leaving a trail of garbage and pollution as it steams forward. Up ahead, shrouded in the fog, a massive ice berg lies in wait. The captains of the ship are unable to see through the mist, nor are they very interested in the presence of danger, as they are convinced their safe passage is certain. Manifest destiny.

A growing number of those on the ship feel that something is wrong, and a few bold activists attempt to alert those above decks to an impending danger, but largely to no avail. It appears everyone, no matter what class and skin color, are headed for certain calamity, and much of life is being taken along with them.


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