Show Synopsis:

The world is calling for healing at all levels, and while we are so aware of the need to heal the oceans, and the people who have no homes, and to end poverty, and create a culture of peace, to create new economic realities where all thrive, and to use our collective genius to find solutions that haven’t even yet been imagined, there is a foundational healing that we want to explore today. It is about the Healing of Love.

Filmmaker, media activist and wise soul Ian MacKenzie will be with us to talk about his new film Healing of Love: Sex, Partnership and the Village and his epic journey to Tamera’s Global Love School in Portugal earlier this spring. Love and Sexuality and the Village – what a confluence. Let’s dive in. We need a new story, new containers, new social structures for discovering what a healthy whole vibrant and wild relationship to love and sexuality would look like.

The evolution of love is upon us, suprasexual connection is upon us, and there is much wounding in this area that keeps us held back from the intimacy we are all longing for. Tamera’s mantra is around a love that is free from FEAR. Can we imagine such a thing?

Ian writes “one cannot have authentic conversations about our own sexual & relational proclivities until we’re willing to recognize the depth of their woundedness…” It’s time to surrender the sanctity of the private self and open ourselves into the vulnerability of bringing to life a new form of village.

Learn more at Healing of Love.