Someone asked me recently “what do you do?” I replied “I’m a storyteller.”

In the moment, I was referring to my work in documentary film. I tell stories (or more accurately) the stories of other people through the medium of film. My personal worldview is revealed through the types of stories I share.

Later on, it struck me: what other ways do I tell stories?

Certainly on my blog, the topics I write about. But also the articles and quotes I post to Facebook and Twitter. The comments I leave on other people’s walls. The status updates (some witty, some not).

In the world of social media, you are what you share.

But storytelling is also offline. How you spend your dollars, your time, your moments. How you sit in traffic, or ride your bike, or play with your dog, or hold the door open for someone else. The food you eat, the smiles you offer, the calmness or anxiety you project. The words you speak, the steps you take, the breaths you exhale.

All of these are passages of a story you’re writing – the story about yourself and your relation to the world.

What story are you telling?

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