I know you, boy
I know you heard the soft pain, held tight against her bosom
Her own father distant, eyes transfixed upon the horizon
Searching for that church in the east, that his own father forgot.

I know you heard the ragged cry
Of the million covens burned, red passion and secret spells
Wild hair and cinder smoke, evaporating
Before their tears fell upon the blood stained earth.

Where were the white knights, surely whispered on their ruby lips?

I know a man left you in the blue dawn of every morning
Food, reliable, always on the family table
Him, returning tense and far away
A bargain struck every sleepless night.

Where was the King, proud and rooted, in reckless love with all beings?

You declared: no good can come from the realm of men
Too suspicious and haunted for admiration
Too savage and lustful for freedom.

You would be a white knight, instead
Knee bent, head bowed
A million nails drawn across your flesh
Penance gladly spilled for the atonement of eternal trespass
A debt left echoing, hungry.

Yet. Now.

I know you, boy

White hot, flares the anger, as you bleed your veins dry
Buckling beneath the dual failure of neither man nor saviour
For you could not be enough for them, all.

I see no white knight but a master magician
Your ragged heart hidden in the chasm of your sorrow
Away from everyone, including yourself
But not from me.

Katabasis. Go down, boy.

Below the waters, below the guilt.

Go down, boy.

Amid the ashes of your best intent and the plastic path of being good.

Go down, boy.

Embrace your unclaimed wolf and your crows-feet eyes.

Find me.

In the merciful end and the necessary grief in all things.

I never abandoned you.

I’m waiting.

Wild Man.

– IM