Photo: Zipporah Lomax

Ian has spoken at many festivals, conferences, and gatherings around the world. To book him for your event, email contact@ianmack.com


“As a speaker, Ian can beautifully hold the energy of a room while his words will deepen the level of conversation. He talks with such wisdom and maturity that people follow him to new shores.”
~ Alexandra Feldner, Founder – FemmeQ

“Ian labours to craft his stories, examples and images in such a way that a diverse audience can connect to his message. Ian is a hard-working communicator with a passion for his topic–which now lives on in the viewers he inspired.” ~ Carol-Lynne Michaels, TEDxVictoria

“Ian’s contributions at our FemmeQ Summit in Los Angeles, June 2018 and his way of communicating was so transparently honest and supportive of feminine Intelligence that he immediately gained everybody’s attention. I especially appreciate his combination of intellectual vigour and kindness.”
~ Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Founder Oxford Research Group & Peacedirect, Three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee