Keynote #1 – Understanding Change & Living from the Future

Audience: Businesses, Organizations, Conferences

We live in a time of unprecedented change. The structures and institutions of the dominant Western culture are buckling under the weight of economic and ecosystem collapse. Is our collective trajectory doomed to ever-increasing scarcity and uncertainty? Or our these converging crises a call to reinvent our society from the ground up?

Filmmaker and media activist Ian MacKenzie synthesizes wisdom from the leading edge of spirituality, science, and art to offer a compelling portrait of the possible: radical openness, the gift economy, and the deep recognition of interdependence are hints of the emerging paradigm. Above all else, we are called to embody this consciousness today.

We are called to live from the future.

Keynote: #2 – Learning how to Learn & Being Comfortable with Uncertainty

Audience: Colleges/Universities

In 2007, Ian joined his best friend Sean for an epic adventure across North America. Sean’s goal: work 52 jobs in 52 weeks to find his passion. Ian captured the journey and lessons along the way, which became the feature documentary One Week Job.

Since then, Ian has discovered and harnessed his own passion in filmmaking and storytelling to uncover and share stories from the emerging paradigm. How do we understand and apply these lessons to our own lives? Combining powerful and humourous anecdotes from a decade of epic adventures across multiple continents, this talk offers an unprecedented map of offering our gifts in service.