I’m one of seven men holding down another as these words escape his throat in a guttural roar. He struggles against our weight, veins bulging along his neck, eyes brimmed with tears. He’s not directing his tirade at any man present, instead he looks beyond them at an unseen other.
“You’re safe, brother.” whispers the main facilitator, Jason MacKenzie, who is gripping the man’s hand and hovering close to his ear. “Follow the energy. Where does it want to go? Don’t use words this time.”

The man on the ground roars again, raw powerful rage, before bursting into heaving sobs and collapsing back to the floor. The other men shift their fierce restraint into a masculine tenderness, many of them touched by emotion as well. We look at each other with eyes of mutual recognition.
I am met in a deep longing that seems to stir an ancestral memory: this is brotherhood.

I’m at the Sacred Sons Convergence: OMEGA. Hidden within the elemental desert just outside San Diego, at the property of Liberty Arising, the gathering brings together 125+ men to dive into deep healing work: exploring our wounds, resensitizing our bodies, and stepping into the mystery of the emerging masculine.

More broadly, this has come to be known as “Men’s Work.”

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