Interview: Revolution Is Love Inspires New Economy

Everyone is concerned about economics and right relationship to money, it sits at the center of our personal lives and our culture. All we have to do is look around us at the economic crisis to know that the old systems are collapsing. But what are the new ones that are coming in.

On this week’s show, we want to explore the idea of Sacred Economics, the New Economy of Love, the Gift Economy, and how we can enable our dreams, projects and visions to become reality through creative crowd-funding.

We’ll be diving into these juicy topics with our special guest Ian MacKenzie. Ian is a new media producer based in Vancouver, BC. He has a background in video journalism, short films, and documentaries, with his work appearing in The New York Times, National Geographic TV, CBC Documentary, The Globe and Mail, Adbusters, and festivals around the world.

He is currently co-producing Velcrow Ripper’s upcoming film Occupy Love. Ian’s short film The Revolution Is Love was named one of the top 10 Occupy films to watch 2011. His most recent short is Sacred Economics. He now consults and offers workshops in crowd-funding which he describers as one of the key pillars of our emerging social and economic paradigm.

All of these topics weave together and we’ll be exploring the synergies between them and helping us see how we can reinvent and reimagine our world through our relationship with giving, receiving, new currencies and tapping into a culture of generosity.


  1. Feel my heart blossoming as I listen watch each film available here on your site…The Meaning of Death awakened a remembering in me so deep and hidden.
    A new octave of love…as a friend of mine says.

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