I was recently passed an article espousing an new American revolution, drawing a firm line between us versus them. People versus corporations. A future of Ecotopia versus Mad Max. Passive sheep versus violent overthrow.

I’ve been down this territory before.

My response to these bleak apocalyptic scenarios is the third option: non-violent resistance. Rooted in the belief that the only true revolution is the deep understanding of inter-connectedness.

I am the corporations. I am the oil spills. Just as I am the sunny days, and the joy of being.

Non-violent resistance has many forms beyond the sign-waving mass protest. You might write a song. Or stop eating meat. Or follow your passion. Or confront your fears. Or rediscover love.

Nobody has claim to the one true perspective. Like the diagram above, (shared) reality is manifested by our multiple perspectives. Our ideas about reality are never as grand as actual reality – the perfect unfolding of life in all its forms. And yet our actions certainly have an effect on reality (also known as karma).

As we enter into further times of chaos, we must remember to live gracefully, no matter the challenges, and explore multiple visions of the future.


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