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The most important political revolution of our time may be connected to how we love, at least that’s what the erotic visionaries of the Tamera community in Portugal believe. According to Tamera, the revolutionary peace research eco village in Portugal, liberating love from fear violence and lies is the root solution for a true system change. Today on the podcast, I’m speaking with Ian MacKenzie and Julia Maryanska about their upcoming documentary Love School: The Film about Tamera’s radical work in healing sex, love, and the relationship between genders. 

We discuss Tamera’s Love School and the powerful ritual called “The Forum” where participants can dis-identify with personal challenge and see it as a collective issue within a wider cultural context. We talk about Free Love as love free from fear, how jealousy is not love, and how the healing of the world requires a radical commitment to community. 

Ian is a filmmaker, writer, and activist who has spent over 10 years tracking and amplifying stories of emergent culture. His films include Occupy Love, Amplify Her, and now Love School. Julia is a filmmaker who has worked on numerous award-winning documentaries. Her work re-imagines how we look at women’s bodies,  relationships and our approach to sensuality through video poetry, her other film UNION and her photographic project “Sensual Surrealism.” Along with their co-director John Wolfstone, Julia and Ian are part of the filmmaker collective Re/Culture Films.