#7 | Thriving Life & A Prayer for All Men: Pat McCabe (Woman Stands Shining)

Episode 7 of The Mythic Masculine | Listen on your favourite platform

Today I’m happy to share my interview with Pat McCabe, an indigenous grandmother, activist, artist, and ceremonial leader. She is an international voice for global peace, and someone I seem to continually cross paths with at new paradigm gatherings around the world. I suppose we’re following the same song lines.

Recently on Facebook, I asked others to speak about the value of men’s work, and Pat wrote an intriguing response where she named her own explorations into a “thriving life” paradigm – and a new narrative for the sacred masculine that is longing to be born.
In this episode, I learn more about her personal journey with spirit, how she integrated her rage as a woman on this planet, and the deep prayer she holds for men to connect once again as functional members of the Hoop of Life.
By the end of our conversation, both of us are in tears. I wish the same for you.


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