No Booze November: First Observations

Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut. ~ Ernest Hemingway

Well, my wife and I are 12 days into our experiment, (abstaining from alcohol for the entire month of November), and I think it’s just enough time to offer some first observations.

In the interest of brevity, and because these aren’t fully formed theories (yet), I’ll offer them as list:

  1. After some initial raised eyebrows and declarations of “you’re crazy!” our friends have been supportive. Though that hasn’t stopped some of them from expressing loudly just how delicious their beer tastes.
  2. Attending a party where you’re sober is a challenge. Everyone else gets louder and you just get tired. In fact, a whole evening seems like eternity. I never realized (with booze) how much time you spend at social events just…standing around talking.
  3. At the same time, I find you can concentrate more on the person you’re speaking with. Conversations are more efficient, and involve less drunken rambling (which is favourable or not, depending on your opinion).
  4. I have not craved booze unless around others who are drinking (no surprise). What I did find surprising was the feeling came from “wanting to fit in” rather than my tastebuds or the anticipated alcohol. When tipsy, it’s easier to get along with others under the same effects.
  5. When they know you’re not drinking, your host may get more creative! One night, a friend sourced 5 different types of root beer specifically for me to taste test. Whatta gal!
  6. It is AMAZING getting up in the morning (on the weekends) with no lingering dehydration or headache. Instead… you just feel good.

That’s all I have so far… later this month I fly to Los Angeles, a city not known for its sobriety. We’ll see if I can stay the course.


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