My interview with Robert Redford: Stop the Keystone Pipeline XL

Stoked to share the interview I shot with Robert Redford earlier this month. It was an opinion piece for the New York Times, sharing Robert’s urge for Obama to say no to the Keystone XL pipeline, and yes to a future based on sustainable energy. (While I shot the piece, the editing and broll was completed by another team.)

Meeting Robert in person was a surreal experience, as with meeting any celebrity. It’s always startling to realize they are just normal people. Granted, not all have such a respectable history of being an all around artist and great human being – yet he was warm, courteous, and I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot.


  1. Ian, you are the man.

    Super video. I had no idea pipeline accidents were so common — I thought this was “just” a climate change issue. Very informative.

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