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Money today is the very antithesis of the sacred. It is the enemy of our better instincts, as when the thought “I can’t afford to” blocks an impulse toward kindness or generosity. It is the enemy of beauty, as the disparaging term “”a sellout demonstrates.” It is the enemy of social and political reform, as corporate power steers legislation toward the aggrandizement of its own profits. Money indeed is destroying the earth, as we pillage the oceans, forests, soil, and every species to feed a greed that knows no end.

Fortunately, the money system as we have known it is breaking down. In this talk, Charles Eisenstein will explain the forces driving its collapse, and lay out a vision of a new kind of money system that will replace it. It is a vision already emerging today as institutions and individuals step deeper into transition. This will be a mind-opening glimpse of solutions and new ideas for the future of money and economics — and how we can contribute to it.

Recorded at The Hive in Vancouver, BC.
Sponsored by Conscious Living Radio

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