AFTER A WEEKEND in Vancouver, Michael Stone must be tired. But you wouldn’t know it judging the amount of insight he offers consistently via yoga workshops, dharma talks, and film screenings. Thankfully, we’re great at collaborating and spreading the goods for the people who couldn’t attend.

First off, here’s his dharma talk given Nov 30, 2012, at Kushala Yoga in Port Moody. In talk, Michael begins with a reading from screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, then moves into the practice of entering The Dharma Gate (which is your practice). The 55 minute talk also includes a variety of personal stories, zen tales, and insight into “how to hand over the melon, without using your hands.”

On Sunday night, Michael and I co-hosted a night at W2 Media Cafe, for our upcoming short film ‘Reactor.’ We shot the film over 3 weeks in Japan earlier this year, in the wake of the tsunami and Fukushima meltdown. The question we ask, among a few, is “how can we see clearly, the shadow of the stories we tell?” After a brief introduction, local musician Buckman Coe gave a beautiful performance, including his track “Stars Over Tokyo.”

Finally, Michael gave a talk on our journey and the themes we took away from the experience. Listen to the full recording here:

If you would like to support our film, please visit Reactor.


  1. That was such a profound talk, thank you for recording it and putting it online. I was particularly struck by what he said about meditation and feeling the breath rather than simply being a detached observer. I’ve never heard it put like that before.

  2. Is this talk still available? The soundcloud says ‘Oops we couldn’t find that track”

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