how can you not behold
the acres of stars splayed wildly across the night sky
and wonder wordlessly to yourself

why is there something and not nothing?

why couldn’t the cosmos remain stalwartly content
existing neither in space nor time
one, without the other
a perfect peaceful potential

after all

why bother with such reckless curiosity
when it’s far easier to let the poetry left unsaid
every song strangled on silent tongues
every beating heart left pristinely intact

if you could forgo the fray entirely
never choosing to be…or not to be
no sin, no saviour, no annihilation
no eternal war
between the darkness and the light

wouldn’t you?

but then, it hits you like a comet streaking
from big bang to curtain fall
the answer to the question which is not a question at all

something and nothing, you see
they are lovers

every lifetime a possibility
to find each other again
every death a chance
to say goodbye
as if the whole universe
was watching.

– IM