The Workshop

ian-mayCo-facilitated by new paradigm filmmaker Ian MacKenzie (Occupy Love, Sacred Economics) and Mya Hardman (aka AppleCat – Musician, Poet and Public Figure) their offerings explore the foundations of a new culture of love. Whatever your relationship form, monogamy, polyamory or beyond, the role of community is integral to any healthy partnership – how might we cultivate communities of trust to support the freedom to love without fear?

We explore the research from Tamera research biotope in Portugal, along with experiences gleaned from their Love Schools, both abroad and now in the US – as well as the personal experience we have acquired during our journeys along the path of community building and love.

We also practice “The Forum” – a powerful social technology for creating spaces of trust so truth can be spoken and witnessed in community. From this place of mutual support, our individual wounds can be healed, and collective resolve put in service to the world.

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What is love without fear?

Loving without fear is the encouragement of symbiotic diversity as opposed to adversarial diversity: ie not advocating any one lifestyle choice but in fact encouraging a non discriminatory community/village that thrives because of it’s differences.

Loving without fear is the willingness to see your partner or partners for who they are, and who they are becoming outside of your own projected narrative – to love without a prefabricated story. The willingness to continue to grow with them, their desires, their boundaries and their changes without shaming or guilting them.

Loving without fear is being in deep relation with the environment, the web of life and the world as a whole. Not entering a relationship just for the sake of being in one – instead having your union’s love be healing and expanding outwards. Loving without fear is knowing that loneliness multiplied by any number of lonely partners still equals to loneliness. Loving without fear is being a part of a bigger picture.

Loving without fear is practicing authentic love, fierce devotion and continued progression that dares others to live their truth

Loving without fear is Freedom, and with freedom comes much responsibility.