Kicking off 6-days of fantastic events for this year’s Living the New Economy in Vancouver, is a dynamic-duo keynote from Vancouver’s own new paradigm filmmaker Ian MacKenzie (Occupy Love, Sacred Economics, Reactor, One Week Job) and visionary placemaker and permaculturist Mark Lakeman (founder of City Repair, Portland).

This is the evening that will set the tone for the whole week – and beyond. Come away feeling inspired with a deeper appreciation of where we all stand at this moment in history, and where we now have the opportunity to go – together. This is the tipping point.

Thanks to Dana Wilson for the recording.

Read highlights from an audience member:

“To leave the audience “crazy inspired to get out there and enact outrageous possibilities,” was the mission statement of tonight’s event, and I arrived hopefully optimistic that it would be that extra inspiration I had been looking for. And here I am sitting at my computer at midnight, crazy inspired. There’s no way I can do justice to everything that Ian MacKenzie and Mark Lakeman talked about, because it was one hell of an uplifting, ideas-packed session. Instead I would like to share some of the nuggets which I most enjoyed.”



  1. Note on “gap between the stories”:

    I have a thought, that the old way of things to be, the paradigm to pass away, it is still here because behind the “side effects” of its existence there is something it has to teach us.
    If we look at things from a new perspective, we must give meaning to everything in contrast to the materialistic world view of meaningless universe.

    So, let’s look at that Dominant Culture with some respect, like for the elder-ones, even if they are long out of their mind, so to say.

    This thing, the Western Culture is a really com-plex being. Historically, there are the Greeks , the Hebrews and the Egyptians , Germainc branch etc.

    The question, that is to be answered is: how to end this story? If we more or less see the beginning part, we don’t want to have this Armageddon ending.

    Today, in march of 2014, the biggest image of dominant male culture is Russia and their atavistic ways of external politics. They act like a typical tyrannic medieval state. After the horrific events, that weren’t yet finished, we, the Ukrainians experienced the force of transformation on ourselves. When people found courageousness in their hearts to stand against mafia government, following the Occupy Movement example, they consequently paid in hundreds of human lives for the better world. Then, the puppet master of the mafia appeared on the horizon and literally claimed, that Soviet Union broke only on paper and Ukraine is his. That shifted the perspective from the internal problems of country to international affairs. On a social level these events made a real nation with a notion of one big family. Even now we don’t feel safe before the day, but at last we have each other.

    In this story I want to show the example, that only mutual experience, that can touch every heart worldwide, or in this case, every Western Heart, will become the Great Turning of this destructive pattern. Let’s make it aesthetic, ecstatic, not dramatic, didactic or repelling.

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