Letter To Shane and Josh

Photo: decade_null

511 days in detainment. 511 days in a cell, in the thin light of prison, footsteps echoing up and down the halls. I read your story, and your history. We’re almost the same age.

Shane, I am a photographer and filmmaker, just like you. I have traveled to foreign cities, found myself in strange circumstances, and thankfully, left with my freedom.

But perhaps, what if one of those times it turned out differently? What if I woke up, on a grey morning, with bars in front of my eyes? What if freedom became a memory? I realize, it could have been me. It could have been me.

You are serving time for all of our sins. All the suffering we impose on ourselves and others. All of the prisoners languishing in solitude. In a different world, one that I know you both imagine, strangers could meet one another without fear. I believe one day this world will come.

Until then, I think of you both.


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