Less Certainty, More Fun, And Other Resolutions For 2010

Ray of light.

This is a bit late in coming, but like most things… it was put off until the right time.

Last year, I wrote my resolutions for 2009. Looking back on them, I realize I actually did a pretty good job.

  • I attended Burning Man.
  • I spoke some (passable) Spanish in Colombia.
  • I spent 3 weeks working with the crew of Word Travels.
  • I managed to do a fair amount of yoga (my wife, on the other hand, became a yoga teacher).

On top of these, I was spent 3 weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii with a friend and Taoist teacher.

One of the biggest events that hasn’t come to pass is the launch of the One Week Job documentary. Circumstances conspired to push the process into this year, but fortunately, the final phase of the film is about to get underway.

The biggest lesson I learned this year:

Humble introductions lead to unlimited (and unknown) opportunities.

Basically, I reaffirmed that we have an impact on people, places, and things that extend far beyond the scope of our own lives – and the best way to navigate this sea of potential is…to be aware. Every moment counts.

Which leads me to my resolutions for 2010! Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Finally complete the One Week Job documentary.
  • Push even more momentum into the Matador Network.
  • Attend two weddings: one in Mexico, the other in Cuba.
  • Celebrate family and friendship (not only during the holidays).
  • Further develop my own personal Tao.

In truth…that’s all I got right now. There are so many things in the works right now, it’s impossible to predict where the road will lead.

And that’s most of the fun…


  1. So I’m really late on this resolution thing, then.

    How great to be able to look back and see where you were and where you’ve been.

    I’m excited to see what this year brings too.

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