Joining Velcrow Ripper for his new film: Evolve Love

Sometimes… persistence pays off. I’m thrilled to report that I’ve now joined Canadian documentary filmmaker Velcrow Ripper for his new film: Evolve Love.

I’ve had tremendous respect for him and his work ever since watching his first film Scared Sacred (2004), about visiting the “ground zeroes” of the world.

He followed up with Fierce Light (2009), a film about what happens when “spirit meets action.”

It wasn’t until earlier this year when I heard of his new film Evolve Love, and discovered Velcrow was starting development. I also realized both earlier films were part of a trilogy, documenting what he believes is the global evolution of consciousness.

The third film will ask: how can the climate crisis be seen as the greatest love story of all time?

You know… the usual.

I felt compelled to offer my services. After none too few emails, we finally connected and I came on board. I’ll be leading a restructuring and design of the Evolve Love website, as well as joining Velcrow in the field when needed.

In fact, last weekend, I accompanied him to shoot a First Nations healing walk near Fort McMurray, Alberta in the tar sands. (Check out the full photo set)

You can’t tell from the photo, but I lost a bit of my breakfast after shooting tar sands aerials in the plane.


  1. Congrats on teaming up with Mr. Zipper, I love Fierce Light and know you will have a blast working on Evolve Love. I admire your work ethic and ability to manifest amazing opportunities in your life, keep it up.

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