Interview With Staind Frontman Aaron Lewis On Their New Album

Last Tuesday I shot a segment for VancouverIAM involving an interview with Aaron Lewis, the frontman of the metal band Staind.

You may not know this about me, but I dislike being on camera. I much prefer to work behind the lens. So I enlisted the hosting help of Matt Anderson (of Naked Bike Ride fame) who is quick on his feet and has rock star hair.

While waiting behind the scenes in GM Place, I met a girl working with Much Music who was also waiting for their interview with the band. Turns out, she recognized me from my appearance on MTV Canada way back when I was trying to get on Survivor.

But that’s a whole other story.

Anyway, Aaron Lewis turned out to be a great guy, and all-around chain smoker. I think Matt did an excellent job as host, asking unique questions different than the same old same old.

As videographer, I think I hid well the fact that my legs were going numb from hovering in the crouching position too long (that’s just how I sacrifice for the shot).

These types of interviews can be challenging in the editing process, as there wasn’t much b-roll to mix up the visuals. To compensate, I trolled around the web, “borrowing” a few clips of Staind’s previous videos and vlog updates.

Also, you’ll notice how I cut to black and white during the interview to mix up the monotony and almost fake the effect of having two cameras.

All in all, I think the interview turned out well.

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