My third interview on Heart of It All Radio with Sheri Herndon.

From the episode description:

There are people in the world whose gift helps others tap into their gifts and who inspire us with their stories of possibility and clear seeing of the New World. If we are in between stories, we need those new storytellers who have a clear sense of the emerging future. With this, we clearly remember that we are pioneers at the frontier of humanity and we taste the potential that lies before us.

Filmmaker Ian MacKenzie is one of these storytellers and he returns to Heart Of It All for our third conversation. We’ll be exploring what it means to live authentically in today’s world while facing the sixth great extinction. How can we trigger an acausal process of change and work more collaboratively at larger levels of scale?

We’ll also learn about swarm intelligence (how to work collectively with the elegance of nature), how love is a powerful meme ready to go viral, and how finding our gifts is an essential part of the human journey.

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