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Crowdfunding services I offer:

If you’re interested in launching a crowdfunding project, I offer strategic consulting to help guide your success. Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Book a free consultation where we determine whether or not a crowdfunding campaign is right for you. (Also read: Should I start a crowdfunding campaign?)

Step 2. If we determine you’d like to go ahead with a campaign and we will work together, next step is to figure out payment structure. I have two options:

  • Hourly – Book my time by the hour ($350 regular, $150 non-profit rate) – this option is best when you just need a few hours of strategy to get you started, and perhaps a few more hours during the campaign.
  • Commission + Retainer – Varies. Email me to discuss. This option is best if you’d like me to be much more hands on with your campaign, including guiding it from start to finish. I would be working directly with your own campaign team. Note: I only take on 1 of these per month MAX.

More Testimonials:

Ian’s workshop provided rare and refreshing techniques and insights into the new, powerful science that is crowdfunding. After crowdfunding over 30 successful projects, I still learned a great deal” – Gary Lachance, Decentralized Dance Party

“When I launched my first crowd funding campaign I had read everything I could on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The tips were great and my campaign had a little support coming in, however, I did not feel as confident with my video and getting the word out as I wanted. Halfway through my campaign I took Ian’s crowdfunding workshop, after that I changed my video to make it more powerful and I understood the phases that a campaign goes through. I finally felt excited and empowered to share it and receive the support and encouragement from my community., Together we successfully raised more than my goal to record my new CD!” – Theda Phoenix, Musician