This is how we fix the future: we take our gifts. If they are currently being employed, all the better. If not, continue to uncover them. Once found, we retract them from our dying paradigm.

We gather our strength and we aim our gifts towards the service of all. Towards love, connection, and interdependence. We include everyone. No one is left out unless they choose to be. We relinquish forms of consciousness that are expired and have become destructive.

We fix the future by living it now. This is hard work, but the only work worth doing.


  1. One “form of consciousness that has expired” is western culture’s overemphasis on left-brain, narrow-focus modes of perception and thinking. Shutting out the holistic synergy of the right brain, and its ability to see interconnections, patterns and wholeness. Iain McGilchrist has a brilliant TED / RSA animated lecture on this (12 mins) see,

    New technologies are evolving, that can assist in our healing this rift. And in so doing, find our gifts and where we fit into the larger mosaic that is constellating.

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