I met the old man on a hilltop
overlooking the ocean.
As the sunset faded
He confessed –
He told me of the youthful vigour that once propelled him over mountains
and across frothing seas.
He told me of his first love, mother of their children
And how they’d parted long ago.
Friendship remained
until weeks past, he sat at her deathbed.
Cancer of the brain.
He told me, staring off into the distance:
“There’s no tragedy in realizing
That you can love someone and not be together
Especially for a gardener and a wanderer.”
There was no bitterness.
Only sweet recognition.
I nodded, and told him
As the last light left the horizon:
“It’s been a year since I left.
Last week, I saw her home again.
The garden surges through our wreckage.
Gorgeous and alive.”

posted to Facebook, Aug 17