Webinar: Patreon for Artists

Are you an artist affected by the COVID19 fallout? I’m going to assume yes.

In the wake of unprecedented change, many of you are no doubt looking to other sources of income to continue being an artist.

I’m a filmmaker and writer who has been amplifying the tools and stories of the emerging paradigm for over a decade. I’ve also taught crowdfunding workshops and offer an online course The Art of Crowdfunding for Social Change.

I’ve been using Patreon for the last 3 years and have enjoyed the support its granted me to continue my work.

If you would like to learn the basics of how to get started, or how to polish your existing profile and galvanize more support, then you’re welcome to watch the recording of the full 90 minute workshop below. Simply scroll down and enter a dollar value (any number, could even be zero) and start watching.

If you’d like to pay-what-you-can later, you can send direct via Paypal Me.

With love,

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