#6 | The Boy Hero Must Die: Eamon Armstrong (Life is a Festival)

Episode 6 of The Mythic Masculine | Listen on your favourite platform

Eamon Armstrong is the host of his popular podcast Life is a Festival, promoting adventure and personal development through the lens of festival culture.

I first met him as the Prince of Parties when he worked for Fest300, where he got to travel the globe and report from world’s best festivals. It was at Rainbow Serpent in Australia where he happened to attend one of my first talks on masculinity and love. We bonded soon after, and kept in touch after returning to our home places.
A year later, Eamon and I returned to Australia where we offered a series of talks on the subject of mature masculinity – we were a great combination. I brought my experience and knowledge and he offered his playfulness and vulnerability. Plus, he made me just a little more fabulous.
More recently, he has experimented with stand-up comedy, exploring the conversation around men’s work with a poignant irreverence. Up next, I’ve included a short clip before we dive into our conversation.
Life is a Festival – Podcast