#5 | A Culture of Love Beyond Patriarchy: Benjamin von Mendelssohn (Tamera)

Episode 5 of The Mythic Masculine | Listen on your favourite platform

Benjamin von Mendelssohn is a longtime resident of Tamera peace research village in Portugal, which for the last 5 years has been the focus of a documentary I’m co-directing titled Love School. Benjamin is co-leader of the Global Love School, as well as the director of The Grace Foundation which aims to heal our collective relationship to money.

I first met Benjamin actually in my own kitchen, back when a friend asked on his behalf for a place to stay for a stop on his North American tour. At the time, I didn’t know much about Tamera, though we said hello and I continued on with my day. It was a year later in 2014 when I encountered Benjamin again at the Findhorn community in Scotland for The New Story Summit- he was attending as a speaker along with a few other Tamerans from his community, and it was then I recognized they were carrying an entirely different field of being.

I was invited to Tamera to make a short film about their research in healing love and sexuality, and in 2015, after my marriage ended, I knew it was time to visit. That journey began a love story with the community and a deepening relationship with Benjamin who I am now grateful to call a friend and a mentor.

In this episode, we discuss his first experiences coming to Tamera, what he had to unlearn as a man, and why truth in love is the foundation of a healed culture.