Directed by Ian MacKenzie and Nicole Sorochan

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AMPLIFY HER is a film, graphic novel, and animated motion comic series that explores the rise of female artists against the backdrop of the electronic music festival scene. Imagined and brought to life by more than 21 female creators across North America, this lush and visually dynamic world blurs the line between fiction and reality while demonstrating the power of letting women tell their own stories.

The film deftly examines the ways that each individual views their gender in relation to their art, and in doing so, illuminates the difficult questions at the heart of modern-day feminism. “Whether equality can be gained if women erase the differences between genders, or whether if women focus on celebrating femininity, it will elevate the importance of diversity.” (Georgia Straight).

Featuring AppleCat, Blondtron, CloZee, A Hundred Drums, Kytami, and WALA, each of the artists rise through their unique challenges (including illness, sexism, and childhood trauma), to claim their voice and celebrate the power of sisterhood.