#9 | Fatherhood Is the Medicine – Adam Jackson (Sacred Sons)

Episode 9 of The Mythic Masculine | Listen on your favourite platform

Today I’m happy to share my conversation with Adam Jackson, one of the three co-fathers of the Sacred Sons men’s organization that has been making waves these last two years.

I was introduced to Adam when I attended their Sacred Sons convergence in San Diego last October, and was impressed with the way they stewarded 200 men over two subsequent weekends into realms of connection, healing, and empowerment.

In this episode, I speak with Adam about the recent birth of his second son Holland, along with the birth story of my own son Oryn. We explore the importance of not losing yourself as a new father, how he uses ritual to stay connected with his partner, and why the return of the Father archetype is so needed in modern culture.


Show Notes

Birth stories of his son Noah & Holland
Drinking aya medicine
What was your role as a man during the birth?
Why Fatherhood comes later
How not to lose yourself as a father
Masculine nurturance not the same as monther
Medicine of the father is to invite in the world, to be more confronting
How has your fathering shown up in your life
Story about his father, breaking the karmic chains link by link
Necessity of the fatherhood blessing
The return of the fatherhood archetype with sacred sons
Patriarchy and aspiirational models of fatherhood
Difference between control and container
First families instead of dictators, partnerships at the helm
Ritual and ceremony as connection to your partner