About Ian MacKenzie

Photo: Cassie O’Neill

I am a filmmaker, writer, speaker, and facilitator most compelled by the intersection of eros, emergence, and village.

I’m the host of the newly launched podcast The Mythic Masculine.

I’m best known for my films Sacred Economics, Lost Nation Road, Amplify Her, Dear Guardians, and Occupy Love (directed by Velcrow Ripper). You can explore most of my films, essays, and talks online. 

I also offer an online course The Art of Crowdfunding.

Much of my work I offer as a gift. Please consider supporting my work through my Patreon. You can also follow my work by subscribing to my newsletter and following me on Facebook.

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– IM 



I was born in Vancouver, also known as unceded Coast Salish territory (meaning the land was never acquired through treaty). I grew up in the suburbs, the second of four siblings. In my early 20’s, I read my first book on Buddhism and thereafter believed I’d found the way to enlightenment.

In 2001 from a remote island in Fiji, I watched two planes fly into the World Trade Centre towers. In 2003, I marched with millions of others to stop the invasion of Iraq, though the war-makers proceeded anyway. In 2005, I attended by first (and only) Vipassana meditation and realized that I could not choose what happens to me, though I could always choose how to respond.

In 2007, my best friend came up with the idea to work a job a week for a year in the hopes of finding his passion. Six months into the journey, I joined him on the road with a video camera and a vague idea to make a documentary. Three years later, we released One Week Job (2010), and I had discovered my passion was filmmaking.

In 2010, I joined veteran Canadian filmmaker Velcrow Ripper to co-produce Occupy Love (2012), tracking the first year of the #occupy movement and the unfolding global revolution. In 2012 I released the short Sacred Economics (2012) with visionary author Charles Eisenstein. I also travelled to Japan with Michael Stone, in the wake of the partial Fukushima meltdown to explore how the Buddhists were responding to the crisis. This became the short film Reactor (2013). That same year I met Stephen Jenkinson and subsequently joined his Orphan Wisdom School.

In 2013, upon my fifth year attending Burning Man, I released the short Dear Guardians (2014) as a love letter to the Temple Guardians. Soon after I joined forces with Nicole Sorochan and we co-directed Amplify Her (2017), exploring the rise of the feminine in electronic music.

In 2015, with the breakup of my marriage, I was invited to visit Tamera, an eco-village in Portugal and their Global Love School. I would attend over the next three years, and am now in post-production for the forthcoming film Love School (2020). I am also working on Lost Nation Road (2019) a short film about the Nights of Grief and Mystery Tour with Stephen Jenkinson and Gregory Hoskins.

In Oct 2018, my partner and I welcomed our first child into this world.


If I could summarize my perspective, it would be this: I believe time is spiral. I believe our planet is a living being. I believe humanity is a grand experiment that has a noble place in the cosmos, though under the spell of wayward progress, our collective journey is at a precipice. The future is not inevitable. We are called to live this time as a rite of passage, as Charles Eisenstein says the shift “From mother earth, to lover earth.”

I participate as best I can through gathering and amplifying stories of the emerging paradigm.

Most of my work I offer as a gift. Please consider supporting my work through my Patreon. You can also follow my work by subscribing to my newsletter and following me on Facebook.