7 Reasons To Attend The Gleneagle 10 Year Reunion

Our Beloved Gleneagle Secondary

An Open Letter to the Graduating Class of 1999:

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since we walked the halls of Gleneagle. 10 years since we felt that high school would never end and we couldn’t wait to get out into the “real world” and start living.

Now it’s 2009. I bet a lot has changed. Maybe you’re married. Maybe you have kids. Maybe you’re still living at home…maybe not.

Maybe you’re on the fence about attending the upcoming reunion on May 23. Well here’s 7 reasons that will convince you to come.

1. Nobody cares that you don’t have an amazing job

This seems like the main reason people don’t want to attend most reunions. You feel like everyone else is a millionaire, celebrity, professional athlete, or any number of vague professions that are more glamourous than yours.

But chances are, most people are working a normal job. And besides, if you have one great – if you don’t reunions are great for networking.

2. Nobody cares that you still live at home

With the cost of housing these days, it’s no wonder we’re the generation of “boomerang kids.” Don’t be ashamed. After all, the food is great and you can’t beat the rent.

3. It’s in the school gym.

Think of all the great times we’ve had in the school gym. Watching basketball games. Awkwardly square-dancing. Now we get to relive the experience, and you don’t have to do any sit ups!

4. Taylor Kitsch is rumored to show up

Taylor loves Gleneagle Reunions

Hot off his superstar movie career, Taylor wouldn’t miss the reunion for the world. Or would he…

We’re not saying he’ll show up for sure. But it’s possible. And if you’re lucky, you could be in the back of a paparazzi photo!

5. Like you have something more memorable to do that night

Do you really need another drunken night at Rooster’s or The Point? And you can always watch those reruns of Friday Night Lights another time. On the flipside, you’ll remember your 10 year high school reunion forever.

6. You finally have a reason to wear those Calvin Klein jeans and No Fear t-shirts again

“Second place is the First loser.” With slogans like that, it’s amazing No-Fear t-shirts haven’t come back in style already. Kickstart the trend by rescuing them from your closet.

7. You haven’t slow danced to “November Rain” in forever

Remember when the song feels like it’s over, but then it’s not over, and you wonder if you should keep dancing with the person or break off and move away slowly? Yep, good times.

So there you have it – no more excuses left to avoid the Gleneagle 10 Year Reunion. We’ll see you there!


Ian & Ben


  1. I just had my 20th reunion. It was nice to see the people I grew up with. At this point in life, you look past everything, all differences and you just celebrate old friendships. Heck, I think I even stayed up till 11p.m. that night. 🙂

    Smiles~ Dona

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