Here we are in the closing days of the year.

I sat down yesterday to write this year-in-review post, and instead a short essay came out instead, which I’ve published under the title It’s Already Too Late: Reflections at the End of the Decade.

Looking back at my previous year-in-review, I see my intent was to slow down, spend less time on social media, and focus my efforts on the essentials. This was largely oriented to the arrival of my son Oryn and the joys & challenges of a new baby.

Without further ado, here is my year in review:


Early in the year, I relaunched my online crowdfunding course The Art of Crowdfunding for Social Change. I have been really happy with the results and feedback from students, and have continued to build on the initial curriculum with more case studies and conversations.

For me, it’s about empowering as many people as possible to bring what they love to the world.


Mysteriously, I decided to produce an updated version of my 2012 short film Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein. Partly due to some technical elements that I wish her more polished, along with visual updates that made the film more relevant to recent events. Once of my favourite moments of the year was premiering the film in front of a packed house at the Imagine Convergence on Orcas Island, finishing with a standing ovation.

In Charles words “That was fun.”

We also had the privilege of being interviewed by Ayana Young in her For the Wild podcast about the journey of making the film.


In June, my documentary Amplify Her was finally released widely on Amazon and other major platforms. The project continues to screen at events around the world, and we still have a few elements to release, including the official soundtrack – which will roll out this coming spring.


In July, I released Lost Nation Road, my short film with Stephen Jenkinson and Gregory Hoskins – supported by the grant from Telus that I’d won the previous year.

I also released a behind-the-scenes series where we explore the making-of, including this first one with myself. You can watch the rest of the series online here.

Also in July, my co-directors and I launched our second crowdfunding campaign for Love School, our feature documentary exploring the research of Tamera. I’m grateful that our supporters carried us past our funding goal to raise 120%. We’re now in the final months of post-production for a release in later 2020.

During the campaign, I published an essay that I had been working on for some time – exploring the connection between ‘home’ and the myth of The One. It remains one of my pieces I’m most proud of writing. Read: Home Is Wherever I’m With You (And Other Modern Calamities)


In November, I also published an exploration of my experience at the Sacred Sons Men’s Convergence and the next edge of men’s work. Read: Sacred Sons and the Rise of the Embodied Masculine.

I also felt the call to launch a new podcast that explores the conversation on myth and the masculine. Now four episodes in, the initial response has been fantastic and I’m excited to continue with future guests. Listen: The Mythic Masculine.

Overall, I remain deeply grateful for all the support from all of you who send your thoughts, praise, and particularly, those who finance me through my Patreon page. The more per month I receive, the more I’m able to focus more completely on shifting the cultural conversation on these bigs topics of grief, masculinity, and village.

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With love,
– IM