WE MADE IT through the ordained Apocalypse.

And to paraphrase Hafiz “All of life is clapping.” We decided to stay. We persuaded the world to show up for another day. Lest you feel it inappropriate to suggest that all of existence rests on you, we’ve tried the opposite – pretending that life will go on without us. And we’ve laid waste to those in our footsteps.

As is customary for me at this time of year, I reflect on the 12 months past. (You can find 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 here).

Whereas 2012 seems to have been the year of the collective inhale, perhaps what’s coming is the year of the exhale. Right down to the bottom, what Buddhist teacher Michael Stone says is “like a little death.” Where we finally let go of the stories that govern our lives – both ensnaring us in apathy, or embroiling us in conflict.

In 2013, let us be participants again. Let us join the circle of life and offer what it truly means to be human: to share the story of universe back to itself.

JANUARY – The month kicked off with an auspicious event, a powerful talk from Charles Eisenstein and the subject of my short ‘The Revolution Is Love.’ The event brought together many from the Vancouver community, laying the groundwork for a cross-network alchemy which continued to reverberate throughout the year.

Soon after the talk, my wife and I took a much needed adventure to Maui – though it wasn’t long before I connected with the Occupy crew for a good ol’ fashioned “Evict Monsanto” protest. While there, I shot this music video with The Human Revolution:

I also compiled the rest of our Maui experience with a good dose of dubstep:

FEBRUARY – I had the pleasure of interviewing Polly Higgins, UK lawyer/activist and author of Eradicating Ecocide, and sharing her Vancouver talk about creating international laws protecting Earth, and how it will fundamentally change the rules of our economic game.

This month also marked the moment when I feel I gained an additional family. Called forth by a mutual friend, a number of us gathered on the coast of BC for an experiment in community weaving which is taught me so much about relationship, interdependence and love. This group of various names, as been a constant support and inspiration throughout this year.

MARCH – Shot during my visit with Charles the previous October, March 1st was the official release of my short Sacred Economics, based on Charles’ book of the same name. Throughout the year, I’ve continued to marvel at the amount of people who have reached out to tell me how the film allowed them a new potential perspective on the future, one beyond fear, and reflecting true compassion and abundance.

On assignment for Matador, I returned to New York City to uncover the shadowy “Explorer’s Club” as the sidekick of Robin Esrock:

APRIL – Speaking of manifestation, back in January, I wrote a blog post called “We Come From the Future,” quoting the likes of Thomas Hubl. An excerpt:

Around awake people, more awakening will happen. Awakening is spiral. If you spend time with someone who is more awake than you, then chances are your consciousness will be elevated. And if through your practice, you manage to stabilize your consciousness at this level it will become your reality as well.

What is needed at this time is those who can hold a global awareness. People who are grounded, that are literally coming from the future. They look the same, but they are motivated from a different place. If you are coming from the future, and you embody this, then the future will manifest around you.

Based on that connection, I was able to interview Thomas when he passed through Vancouver. Here’s a short clip from conversation:

In mid-April, I flew over to Japan to co-create a short film called “Reactor” – based on the invitation from Michael Stone. The central question we were asking, in the aftermath of the tsunami and near Fukushima meltdown, was “what does it mean to see clearly?” Watch a short vlog from the journey (full film to be released in spring 2013).

MAY – Inspired by Jeremie Battaglia’s gorgeous Montreal film, Vancouver answers the Quebec student movement with a “pots and pans” revolt of our own. It was also the first time I’d truly shot in the rain. Here in Vancouver, we discovered what it means to make music together in the streets, in the rain, and you can see it on our faces. It is magic.

This month I also shot my first significant timelapse, during a visit to a friend’s cabin on Savary Island.

JUNE – While the Casseroles movement continued with vigour over the ensuing weeks, I could feel a shift in the tide. It culminated in a march on City Hall, and then the Granville Street bridge, which I reflected on in “This is where the world breaks down.”

As I looked around, at the proclamation of civilzation, I felt we were revealed as we are: fragile storytellers in a universe much bigger than all of us.

In June I also supported the livestream initiative for the Indigenous Leadership Gathering in Lilloet, BC. For me, and perhaps many others of European descent, the event marked my first glimpse of what it means to walk in a “sacred way.” (View the full photoset.)

Photo: Jonah Greenman

The event also stood in stark contrast to the tragic death at Entheos, which among many things, served as a catalyst for a healing and deep re-examination within the Intentional Community movement.

JULY – Shot by the talented John Huddart, I directed & edited a new series “Yak Attack” for Matador – covering Paul Bolla and the world’s highest bike race. (You can view all episodes here).

Of course, it’s impossible to make it through July without at least one wedding. (And a chance to look fancy with your wife).

This month also marked my first public foray into crowdfunding workshops – a topic I had been studying for 2 years, and finally felt ready to share with the world.

AUGUST – In early August, I flew down to Ojai, California to meet up with Mikki Willis, Akira Chan, and the rest of the crew from Elevate Films. The meeting would solidify our aligned mission in the world, and lead to a fruitful collaboration later in the year. Hint: Be Brave.

Mid-August I arrived on Salt Spring island to partake in my first teaching with Stephen Jenkinson, a man I can only describe as the oldest soul I’ve ever met. It would be an understatement to say that Stephen’s teachings have affected my perspective, a trend I suspect will continue for some time to come.

In late August I met with the crew from Matador outside San Francisco for one final time, as I bid goodbye to pursue my first love: transformational film. The beautiful setting was tinged with sadness, as all good things are. I have nothing but respect for the team, and particularly the founder Ross Borden – a man who wears a beard almost as impressively as myself.

And finally, I weekend stop in Whistler for Wanderlust yielded the following examination of the future of yoga:

SEPTEMBER – With some apprehension, I returned to Black Rock City. For a variety of reasons, it was my most challenging Burning Man yet. An excerpt from a much longer piece I wrote was published in the Temple Stories blog here: The Mirror.

Soon after my return, I flew to Toronto for an epic editing marathon with Velcrow & Nova to complete Occupy Love for the Vancouver International Film Festival. Note to self: pack more than Lululemon hoodies, even if visting Toronto at the end of summer. Those cold snaps can take you by surprise.

OCTOBER – After four shows at VIFF (two sold out), Velcrow and Nova headed to Toronto to premiere at the Planet in Focus festival (where we won ‘Best Canadian Film). I joined forces with Zack Embree and hopped the ferry to Victoria to ‘Defend our Coast.’

NOVEMBER – As has now become customary, the month started with my yearly “No Booze November” cleanse. Lucky I was able to keep myself busy with crowdfunding workshops in San Francisco, and the Living The New Economy conference in Vancouver.

Photo: Hilary Henegar

And I bumped into a familiar face, fitting, considering Charles also kicked off the year.

DECEMBER – A new talk from Michael Stone started the final month of 2012, as he reflects on our earlier journey to Japan for Reactor.

As the solstice on Dec 21st ticked closer, and the world collectively inhaled, I chose to spend the time with my newfound emergence kin. Honouring our ancestors, both known and unknown. Feeling deeply that the key to the future is not in transcending our past, but by realizing there is no future that does not speak the past into the present.

Today is Christmas. As I reflect back on the moments past, I know I also weave the story. There have been moments of grief unmentioned here. Moments of doubt and loss. Perhaps someday I’ll share them.

Soon I leave for a meditation retreat to silently bring in the New Year.

The year of the exhale.

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