The following is an actual email correspondence between a Disney DVD “collector” (as they’re known) and an eBay seller that recently sold her a $37 copy of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

Names have been changed to… who am I kidding, the buyer is my sister. I thought it was too funny not to post.


I received my DVD today in the mail and was not impressed. I do not believe that this was a brand new DVD as almost all Disney DVD’s have the cover slip on them and sealed with tape that has the movie’s name on them, which this one did not.

Furthermore, the DVD was scratched on the other side and the title of the movie was misspelled leading me to believe that this is a pirated copy. I am not happy with this purchase and would like my money back, unless you can prove to me that this is an authentic Disney DVD.

I own almost every Disney DVD and this particular one doesnt look anything like them.

– Amanda


Hello Amanda,

All of our DVD’s are brand new from an authorized distributer, the item should have been sealed when you received it. I believe the problem is that you are comparing this DVD to a retail store purchase which it is not.

Only DVD’s purchased in retail stores ever had the security tape or protective sleeve. The majority of them from the Disney DVD club, Columbia House, or other online retailers never included this which a simple Google search will confirm.

As for the scratch, was the dvd loose in the case or anything or more importantly is the DVD playable?

– Mike

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting back to me. The problem is I was expecting a ‘bought from retail’ looking Disney DVD especially for $37. I collect them, and I want the sleeve that goes with it.

Upon further inspection of the papers that are inside the box, there is a typo of Dwarfs that is spelled Dwarts making me believe this is not a real copy. Also as I have previously mentioned the misspelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs appears on the underside of the DVD as Shou Whife and Seven Dwarfs

I know for a fact that a real copy of this movie would not have misspelled the very title of the movie. I dont doubt you bought this movie from an authorized dealer but I do believe that this is a pirated copy. Even the graphics on the paperwork are kinda crappy looking and not sharp images like my other Disney movies.

As for the scratches on the 2 disc’s right around the middle it looks like someone has taken a tool of some kind and scratched something out, also they are stamped “FP” which I have never seen on any other Disney movie.

I am not saying you knew this was not a real Disney DVD, I would just like my money back because I am not happy with this purchase and I do not want a fake or pirated Disney movie.

Please don’t think I am accusing you of anything! I just do not think that this is a real Disney DVD, and would like a refund, unless you have any other suggestions? This did come sealed, yes, in the clear plastic and I would be happy to send you pics of the scratches I am talking about too…then you can see the misspelling as well!



Hey Amanda,

I definitely see where you are coming from here however please read this before you jump to any conclusions. It should explain how Disney DVD’s vary in look and quality so that you can understand the differences.

Also note that 37 is a pretty good deal for this release, I’ve seen ones with the slip covers sometimes go for around $100 on ebay but usually go for between 50-60.

Of course if you would still like to return the product you may do so however they are definitely authentic in that they are licensed releases with royalties paid to the Disney Corporation.



Thanks for the link, but I still think it’s a fake. The corners of the paper on the title page are square. Disney rounds the corners of the title pages. I own 30 Disney DVD’s ALL of them have ROUNDED CORNERS except for the one you sold me.


Send me documents that Disney received royalties…send me something to prove that this is a GENUINE Disney DVD! There are too many things wrong with this movie that point to a pirated version. It also will not play in my laptop or my DVD player. It will only play on my play station.


– Amanda

Seller has yet to respond.


  1. I noticed this because the DVD seller links to my website in his response email.

    It looks to me like this DVD probably is a fake, actually I’d say is 99% likely but I only say that because I have bought the same versions on eBay.

    Importantly, though Amanda has identified this as a fake, her reasons would only apply to a USA Region 1 distribution.

    The bottom line, unfortunately, is that most of the collectable Disney DVDs on eBay are fake. Some sellers know that they are fake and some do not.

    The seller included a link to my site, you should note that my site is mostly concerned with the differences between UK Region 2 Disney and “Imports” from anywhere else.

  2. For your sis: Disney releases each of their titles every 7 years. Market research has shown this will allow them to target each new generation of children, and it compels consumers to buy, as the titles are only available for a limited time. So if she’s willing to wait, she can pick up a copy from a store for about $25-$30 at some point in the next six years.

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