Tri-City News: The Joys Of Telecommuting

Tri City News - July 30, 2008

A few weeks ago, I pitched an idea to the local newspaper about the growing popularity of telecommuting from home. Turns out, their reporter was looking for a interviewee on this very same topic!

Read a larger version here.

Also, I thought it was great the photographer let Karen wear her McLovin t-shirt, in a sly reference to the character from the film Superbad.

You can grab the shirt for yourself from Snorg Tees.


  1. Hey Ian, I really enjoyed your work on Sean Aiken’s One Week Job project.

    Would mind if I send you a hello and a coupon code when my t-shirt site is up? Snorg has great stuff, and I think you’ll like some of my stuff too.


  2. thanks rizzo! sure, feel free to send me the coupon code through the ‘send me an email’ link on the top right.


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