What home office workers want you to think:

Home office (fake)

What home office workers are actually doing:

Home office (reality)

That’s not to say we’re not working. We just work a little differently.


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  2. Amen. Actually, I spent more time telling my dog to stop licking the screen than petting him when I was at home.

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  4. I stumbled on this page while laying on the couch, listening to mp3’s off my laptop, with a small dog on my chest.

  5. You’re kidding right – can’t you guys tell the above pics are shopped out? Can’t you see the extra pixels?

  6. what..? what do you mean shopped? they’re just random photos that people took… there’s nothing odd, quirky, or out of place to be spotted in the photos. what the heck would they need to shop anything for? please, for the sake of every human that has to lay eyes on your comments, PLEASE use some common sense…

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