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IN THAILAND, if you were to wake in the early dawn hours, you may witness the Buddhist monks leaving their monasteries and weaving silently through the streets. They walk single file, the oldest in the front row, carrying their alms bowls in their fingers. Laypeople wait for them, ready to offer food, flowers, and incense sticks into bowls.

The monks rarely speak, even to say thank you. Giving alms is not thought of as charity. Rather, the ritual is a lived reflection of a deeper reality: that we are all interconnected.

The giving and receiving of alms creates a spiritual connection between the monks and the community: the monks offer their deep spiritual work, while the laypeople offer their physical support. Both sides need each other to maintain a harmonious society.

Today, the comparison is important, because we are on the cusp of transitioning to a society that closes the loop on this new model. Rather than perceive ourselves as individuals with only the capacity to create or consume, what does it mean to act on the knowledge that we are, in fact, all interconnected? The missing link in this new creative paradigm is no longer understanding how we support, but why we support.

When I support another creator in birthing their project, it creates the world I want to see. And because I am intimately embedded in this world, I am directly and indirectly affected in an infinite variety of ways. Further, just as I may ask to be supported during my periods of creation, so I must support others with the spirit of selflessness and joy.

Working in the Gift

In this spirit, 99% of my films, articles, and essays are offered online as a gift. This also includes my crowdfunding workshops and film screenings, which always incorporate a “pay what you can” model.

This does not mean “free” – as this tends to mean “no value.” I believe my work has tremendous value, the difference is that I’m allowing you to decide what it’s worth to you and the world. While operating entirely without money is possible, we are in a time of transition, and those with the resources and capital can catalyze incredible change by supporting artists like myself.

How You Can Support

There are many ways to support my work – from sharing my articles with your friends, to holding screenings in your cities and towns. Offering direct financial contributions is very appreciated and allows me to dive deeper, accelerating the emerging paradigm. The important part is to give without regrets.


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