In the city of dust
I saw Her face
Surrendered, grieving
I saw the deal we struck
At birth, rebirth.
The constellation of our days
Weaving between the polarities
Like an orbit
Like a spiral
‘Round an ancient tower.
You can’t have me, yet.
But I will feed you
Poetry and tears
Skin, bones, and blood
Lost, completely
Tangled hopelessly in your web
Until then
My love.
My sweetest adversary.

June 24, 2014


I am in love
with Her
The way she looks in the mirror
The way she dangles her fingers
in the water
The mysterious melodies
that play in her ears, like fireflies
Eyes longing, whispering to the Moon
A secret pact with the darkness.
I am in love
Knowing I will never be enough
Head bowed
Each word a prayer
Each moment an altar
for the one day
She will break my heart
When She remembers that her first love
was always the World.

Oct 22, 2013


Sand between my toes, warm bodies for comfort, dawn’s chill wrapped around my skin.
Two years feeling around the edges of my shoulder blades and the curiosity of my heart.
Eyes awaken, blink silently in the great grey in-between.
Then, a sunrise peeks over the mountaintop.
Memories and mythology cascade into a crystalline epiphany.

And just like that…Saturn returns.

– July 20, 2013


To the wayward ones
With sand between their toes
Manic virtue offered
For the scales in the sky
Yet no one has their fingers
On the spindle of fate
Proof is not what you seek
But the willingness to weep
For the fading light
As it flees slowly
From the ancient mountain.

– June 16, 2013


I wonder
If the rustling of the wind through the trees
Sounds like the ocean
Or if it’s the other way around.
I wonder if the stars wink at me
Or if the frogs know I’m listening.
This old world
She tends to keep it a secret.

– March 2, 2013


The river of Time & Memory carries the deep knowing that I want to forget:
that one day the cold with claim me, and it will hurt, for a time.
But this world was not meant for me or you.
We were meant for Her.

– Feb 4, 2013