I can’t directly support, but here’s what I can offer:

Thanks for reaching out for my crowdfunding consulting. The truth is I get many more requests for crowdfunding support than I can handle. But, I hate turning people away empty-handed. Here’s some other options instead:

» Read my online crowdfunding resources

I’ve collected the best online resources I’ve found, including books, essays, and articles (some I’ve written myself).

» Watch my 2 hour online workshop

You can stream or download my entire 2 hour workshop for Crowdfunding 101, offering key insight, tips, examples and more that will guide you in your campaign strategy. This workshop is offered online as a gift (just subscribe to my newsletter).

» A few other consultants you may want to contact:

Danny Spitzberg

Leigh Lepore

Kiana Prema

Donnie Maclurcan

Mercedes Grant

In the future, I am also launching an online crowdfunding course. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive the first invitation when it’s ready.

Happy funding!