On depression

Friends, let me say up front, I have not wrestled with severe depression. I have been on the periphery of many who have, and many who continue to struggle. I’ve recognized that much of the discussion around depression amounts to this: let’s talk about it. Let’s beckon it from the shadows. Let us set theContinue reading »

Michael Stone: If you want to be radical, show yourself

AFTER A WEEKEND in Vancouver, Michael Stone must be tired. But you wouldn’t know it judging the amount of insight he offers consistently via yoga workshops, dharma talks, and film screenings. Thankfully, we’re great at collaborating and spreading the goods for the people who couldn’t attend. First off, here’s his dharma talk given Nov 30,Continue reading »

Chase the Nothing

I OFTEN THINK of the question “why is there something and not nothing?” It feels like the primordial question that arises from consciousness itself. To be aware that you are aware ultimately returns you to the why. There are many ways to chase the Something. Drink, psychedelics, intense meditation. Our personal and collective addiction toContinue reading »

Electronic Awakening: emergence of the neo-tribal community

In Electronic Awakening, director Andrew Johner lifts the veil on an underground spiritual movement that has developed within electronic music cultures worldwide. Read my interview with him below. I’LL ADMIT: I never really “got” EDM (electronic dance music) until my first visit to Burning Man in 2009. I had, of course, known about rave cultureContinue reading »

Reality: A Diagram

I was recently passed an article espousing an new American revolution, drawing a firm line between us versus them. People versus corporations. A future of Ecotopia versus Mad Max. Passive sheep versus violent overthrow. I’ve been down this territory before. My response to these bleak apocalyptic scenarios is the third option: non-violent resistance. Rooted inContinue reading »

Alan Watts: How To Change The World

Illustration: Randal Roberts Currently reading “The Book” by Alan Watts – a stunning essay on “the taboo against knowing who you are.” In particular, he offers a devastating critique for any looking to “change the world”: “The startling truth is that our best efforts for civil rights, international peace, population control, conservation of natural resources,Continue reading »


Funny enough, it’s been 11 years since The Matrix was released, first asking the masses “what is reality?” The answer, at least according to the Wachowskis Bros, is that reality is a ruined world conquered by robots. Enter: Inception, the new film from Christopher Nolan. Like many, I’ve been a fan of his work sinceContinue reading »

Rationality vs Intuition

A decomposing bird carcass, filled with plastic pollution on Midway Island. Photo: Chris Jordan In 2008, worldwide consumption of bottled water surpassed 52 billion gallons. 86% of these bottles will not be recycled, but will rest in a landfill. Should you care? Rationally, there’s no reason to care. The bottles will be buried and mostlyContinue reading »

The Trance

“For three hundred fifty years, people in the Western world have convinced themselves that they live in a bleak world of dead matter spinning in empty space, when the real universe all around them is aflame with magic and power and infinite life. We need to wake up from the trance of scientific materialism andContinue reading »


I type this from a tiny home in the Boquete hills, within the rolling jungles of Panama. I type and the rain continues to fall outside. One of the defining beliefs about the human story is that of conflict. If you’re ever in doubt, watch any mainstream film, or read any fictional book. Humans thriveContinue reading »

There Is No Other

In my last post, I wrote about the problem with rampant consumption. Particularly, how all we appear to know is how to feed the “Machine.” It’s tempting to describe the Machine as familiar objects of scorn: big corporations, white men, society, the Illuminati, etc… but when you do that, you’re easily laughed off by theContinue reading »

A Modest Goal

Photo: Muir park, San Fran Our goals in the practice of non-attainment may be quite modest – to be present in each moment’s sensation, perception, feeling, thought. We stop looking for some other moment. It is wonderful to explore and continue turning the question of “who am I?” or “what is this life?” so thatContinue reading »

Yes, Meditation Should Be Taught In Public School

Photo by Mre770 A recent article in the local paper “Breathing or Buddhism, parents ask” highlights a few parents who are upset their children are being taught “religion” in school. “We’re concerned that mindful education is a Buddhist practice masquerading as science at the school,” Rebecca Kavanagh said yesterday. She and her husband believe theContinue reading »