All The Ladies Of The World, And Other Media Mentions

Last weekend, Sean and I scheduled a photo shoot with the talented Nordica Photography.

With the impending release of the One Week Job book and doc, we felt it necessary to get professional photos done for journalists and bloggers to write about our story. (The previous photos are almost 2 years out of date now).

In a mind-bending bit of post-modern filmmaking, I shot the photographers as they shot us:

Also, the past week I inadvertently managed to appear in a variety of other news stories: from my Survivor mention in TV Week, to my thoughts on high-tech stress in The Province.

And finally, myself (or more accurately, my beard) were featured in a hilarious post for SoSauce ‘Adventures of Bearded Travelers.


  1. I did a photo shoot recently. Hated it! Don’t know how the celebs do it all the time. Did you get sick of smiling and trying to rock Blue Steel?

  2. @kelsey – i never get tired of the blue steel 😀 Actually, yeah you’re jaw hurts after a while.

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