7th Foot Washes Up On West Coast: Police Still Baffled

Two months ago, Matt Anderson and I conducted a follow-up investigation on the “mystery feet” that have been washing up on the shores of the West Coast.

In the report, we speak with Const. Annie Linteau of the RCMP, the Coroner’s Office, and local radio personality Jim Goddard.

Today, there was a new development in the case: a new 7th foot has been found.

A New Balance runner apparently containing human remains was found in Finn Slough in the south arm of the Fraser, near the end of Garden City Road. If the remains are confirmed to be human, this is the seventh foot to have been found on the south coast, from Georgia Strait to the northwestern tip of Washington State, since August 2007.

Former MLA and Richmond city council candidate Ken Johnston found the shoe while walking with his wife along the banks of the Fraser River. “I poked it with a stick,” he said.

While it’s too early to tell if the shoe was forcibly removed, the RCMP was quick to note all the previous severed feet were the result of “disarticulation.”

For now the mystery continues.

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